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EIBAck Baustein
KNXGuard, Monitoring module, the read-out & reprogramming of EIB/KNX devices. (Flush-mounting box) - KNX installation, KNX installation protection, access attempts visualization, ACK block functionality, safety building block, flush-mounted socket, b+b, automation,KNX, EIB

user defined

Order Code: 10 01 00

(Previous Order Code: E001-xx)

The KNXGuard is delivered ex factory with the
high security configuration. To change this
configuration an EIBDoktor EIBWeiche is required!

  • Blocks all physical write telegrams

  • Device readout still permitted but programming is prevented

  • Physical device monitoring possible

  • The device can be activated/deactived with the EIBDoktor to
    permit device programming

  • The deactivation is secured by means of a PIN/RSA algorithm

  • Housing for installation in
    flush-mounted socket

  • EIB/KNX-2-wire connection

  • No physical address used

  • Dimensions: L:  40 mm
                           W: 38 mm
                           H:  13 mm

EIB-Ack, To avoid repeats of not acknowledged telegrams. EIB Acknowledge module, bus load reduction, KNX, b+b, automation, EIB-Acknowledge-Device

EIBAcknowledge device
(DIN rail housing)

Order Code: 10 00 13
(Previous Order Code: E001-H021000)

  • Prevents repeated telegrams when line couplers are used without filter tables

  • Incorrect telegrams keep unacknowledged -
    so the operational safety is not reduced

  • DIN rail housing, 2 TE (= 35 mm)

  • EIB/KNX-2-wire connection

  • No physical address used

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